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forgot web-sphere admin console password

---->  When you enable the security on WebSphere Application Server [WAS], it will prompt you for authentication when you access admin console, stop server and wsadmin prompt.

----> All the security related settings are stored in config file under Profile_root/config/cells/cell_name.  File name is security.xml. The workaround when the administrator forgot the password is to change the security settings by manually modifying the security.xml file

STEP  1 : Locate the security.xml file and take a backup of it

STEP 2 : open security.xml file for editing and search for enabled=”true”

STEP 3 : modify it to enabled=”false” [you need to do this only for the very first occurrence of enabled=”true” ]

STEP 4 : Restart the servers

Application already exists in the configuration repository

  • Deploying an application and it already exists
  • Re-Deploying an application whose deployment failed before for some reason
  • undeployment failed but there is no reference of the application in admin console
For example, you are deploying a large application using wsadmin and got a soap timeout or out of memory before application is saved. Then you change the timeout/heap and try to deploy your applciation… in this case above error can come.

  • Stop the target JVM
  • Delete all the contents of temp and wstempfolder.
  • Go to WAS_INSTALL_DIR\profiles\<profileName>\config\cells\<cellName>\nodes\<nodeName>\
  • Edit the file serverindex.xml for an entry for our application within the tag<deployedApplications>xxx.ear</deployedApplications> (delete this line)
  • Do a search for your ear file in the file system and delete all the occurrences of the XXX.earfolder
  • Restart WAS
  • deploy the application


vijaya lakshmi said...

Your blog is Awesome, Please post still some more real time issues


thanks for good info

Tirupathi K Yada said...

Hi friends!
I have small doubt on WAS.

We have 3 same jvms is created in dev/test/pre-prod.So 3 -jvm's having file system space issue is 99%.But we need to the clear space in one environment and how to delete automatically from remaining environments?Do you have any idea about this situvation in the was?

Tirupathi K Yada said...

Hi Friends,

We got 100 request from browser to web server and then pass request to plugin-cg.xml.But how do we know how many requests are coming to the web container?Do you have any idea about this? Do not use any tool as well..

Tirupathi K Yada said...

Hi Friends,

We have 3 -request is going to node-1 and node-2,node-3.The node -1 & node-3 are in idle position.But only one request is reaching only node-2 .Why other request is not reaching to node-1,node-3 ?
Please specify the reasons :-)

Tirupathi K Yada said...

Hi Friends,

I saw one error in the logs.Here you can see the below error and please see and reply back to me.

Error: Plugin is already generated by anther one .

So may i know the reason please why it is getting above error?

Kumar Vijay said...

Nice Information and it's very useful to everyone.


sudhakar jahn said...

Hello tirupathi k Yadav follow the steps to to free memory....
1)Login to tsrget servers
2)Check systemout.log
3) Identify which is the main reason to occupy 99% of memory usage.
4)u can delete temp file under particular targeted systems
5)stop the servers,,synchronize the node and start the servers.
Correct me if anything written wrongly..

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